ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT Sentosa Island, Singapore Dec. 14, 2018 – Feb. 13, 2019

Use the AR App and escape from
the Sentosa Island together with
the Straw Hat Pirates!
Sentosa Island, a place of mystery somewhere on the Grand Line.
A massive storm destroyed your ship, and you barely managed to reach the shore.
Now you are stranded.
While you search for a way off, you encounter a ship on the beach.
It’s the Thousand Sunny, the famed Straw Hat Pirates’ ship!
You decide to approach and ask for help.
Enjoy by yourself or with your friends!
Share your experience!
#ARD #onepiecepuzzlehunt

Event Information


Fri, Dec. 14, 2018 – Wed, Feb. 13, 2019


Sentosa Island, Singapore

Registration is 1 min away from Beach Station.
Look for the event booth in front of the iFly.


Opening Hours:

10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

The number of game set and prizes are limited.

Required Playing Time:

Two hours

The required playing time may change depending on the crowd size and how fast you solve the puzzles.

Be sure to have an ample amount of time before starting the game.

You may use more than one day to finish the game.


SGD 30 per game set

Please buy your game set for the ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT at the reception area.

You may play as a group or by yourself.
There is no limit to the number of players in a group.

All game participants will receive:

1 Game Set (limited edition nine-card ONE PIECE set and more)

1 Game Set (limited edition nine-card ONE PIECE set and more)


We are giving away a limited amount of prizes for first top winners who cleared the game.

Prizes will be awarded per each game set purchased.

For example, if a group of three bought one game set, the group will be given one prize.

Prize (We are giving away a limited amount of prizes for first top winners who cleared the game)



Entire operation:

Comm Pte Ltd

About The Game

In this game you will walk
around Sentosa Island
as you solve puzzles!
Game set
Game set
AR App(Smartphone)
AR App
  Explore the venue
Explore the venue
Solve the questions
Solve the puzzles

Use the game set that you receive at the reception area of the ONE PIECE PUZZLE HUNT and the AR App (free to download) to play the game.

Using the AR App will let you enjoy the game even more.

If you cannot download the AR App, use the AR function, or do not wish to use the AR function, you can play the game with the SUPPLEMENT BOARD at each checkpoint.

The experience will be the same as playing with the AR App.

AR App

Be sure to download the AR App before coming to the Sentosa Island.

Available on the AppStore

ANDROID APP ON Google play


The AR App might not operate smoothly depending on your smartphone model.
You are responsible for all data charges related to downloading and using this App.
When using the AR App, we recommend you bring a mobile battery in case your phone battery runs out.

How to Test the App:

  1. Download the AR App.
  2. Open the AR App and scan the Envelope.
  3. Check to see if ”Success! Your smartphone is compatible" appears on your screen.


If you are browsing this page from a tablet or PC, use your smartphone to scan the QR code to download the App.

Compatible Devices:

iPhone Compatible OS iOS9 or later
Compatible Device iPhone5 or later
Android Compatible OS Android 4.4 or later

How to Play


Does each person who wants to play have to buy a game set individually?

No! You can buy one game set and play as a group. There is no limit to the number of people in a group. However, you will only receive ONE chance at the prize raffle with ONE game set.

Can I buy game sets in advance?

Game sets are not available for advance sales. You can purchase game sets the same day you play at the Reception Area near the game start line.

Can I make reservations to play the PUZZLE HUNT?

Reservations are not accepted. However, please contact us if you plan on participating with a large number of people so that we can prepare in advance.

Is there a discount when I buy game sets in bulk?

Yes! When you buy two game sets, you will receive one additional set for free. This is a great deal for friends and family!

Does the game have a time limit?

There is no time limit! You can even play the game for more than two days. However, you cannot play the game beyond February 13, 2019, the last day the PUZZLE HUNT will be running. Be aware that the Reception Area is only open from 10 am to 7 pm and will not be available outside those hours.

Is it possible for the game to be canceled to due to rain or other weather conditions?

For the most part, the game will not be canceled due to weather like rain. However, the exception is a natural disaster (squall, haze, etc.)

If you have any other questions, you can ask them at the Reception Area.

Thousand Sunny